Morning must begin as a pilot!

Coffee plane


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Morning pilot should begin with physical exercises, dousing with cold water, a hearty breakfast and smiles a loving wife. Then he has the mood for the whole day, the desire to land the plane, we were safely delivered to the destination and to return home. But cool photos.



Best in the world of aviation

turbulence zone. Modern look.
Scientists say that by mid-century, the number 21 turbulence zones will double, due to global warming.
Leading airlines refused flights to Ukraine
Cancellation shall be flying to Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tbilisi, Astana, Kaliningrad, Tel Aviv, Helsinki, Munich, Brussels, Rome, Istanbul, Dubai, Zurich and Rome.
President of Ukraine in Donetsk Airplane blokirova
February 23 2014 Employees of the State Border Service of Ukraine, was not allowed to take off the aircraft of President of Ukraine