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Izhavia airline. Official site.


Izhavia Airlines was founded in 1943 as one of the divisions of Aeroflot, but the airline officially began its activity only in 1992.


OJSC "Airline" Izhavia "operates scheduled domestic and international passenger and cargo air transportation. The company belongs to the Government of the Republic of Udmurtia. "Izhavia" belongs to Izhevsk Airport.


At the beginning of the year the company was headed 2012 Gorodilov A. With the arrival of the new authorities changed the aircraft livery and logo color. A year later, there was a proposal to divide "Izhavia" on 2 independent joint stock companies, which have led to the disconnection of the Izhevsk Airport. However, by decision of the head of the republic Alexander Solovyov disengagement suspended.

indicators of activity

Freight in 2012 year compared with last year increased by 5,65%, and passengers - to 3,8%. Total flight regularity reached the limits of 99%. The company has received financial support in the amount of 164 million. They are allowed to purchase introscopes, bus ramp and installation of anti-icing system, fencing and construction of a new road.
The staff consists of 670 people.     

To date, "Izhavia" airline is sufficiently large Russian airline, whose fleet of mid-year 2014 15 consists of aerial vehicles, of which:

  • 8 aircraft Yak-42D;

  • 3 aircraft type An-24RV;

  • 2 aircraft Tu-134A;

  • 1 aircraft Tu-134A-3M;

  • 1 aircraft type An-26-100.



The route network of the air carrier is well developed - regularly flies to Anapa, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Kaliningrad, Vorkuta, etc. As for international air travel, it currently takes place only two flights - in Baku and Yerevan, but in the near future the airline plans to extend its influence in neighboring countries.

The airline currently employs 62 experienced pilots to ensure the safety of air travel.


Basic data:

  • Airline country - Russia;

  • By regional airlines from Izhevsk.

  • ICAO airline code: IZA;

  • Internal airline code: IZH;


Izhavia airline. Official site: http://izhavia.su/

Airline Izhavia (Izhavia). Official site.


Contact details:

  • The mailing address of the airline: Airport, Izhevsk, Udmurt Republic, Russia, 426015;

  • City Airline Phone: + 73412630650;

  • Airline fax: +73412780543;

  • E-mail Airlines: [email protected];

  • Base airport is Izhevsk Airport.

  • Domestic flights: Izhevsk, Anapa, Moscow, Kirov, St. Petersburg, Perm, Chelyabinsk, Sochi.

  • Flights to CIS countries: Yerevan, Baku.

  • The airline's fleet are aircraft Yakovlev Yak-42, Tupolev Tu-134.


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Good afternoon! Please consider my candidacy for a flight attendant job. Great desire to work. I will be very grateful for the opportunity to study and become part of the airline.
Name: Karnuta Diana Aleksandrovna
Year of birth: 30.01.1999
Height: 180
Weight: 55
Russian citizenship
Dress size: 44
Without bad habits and tattoos.
Marital status: single, no children.
Place of residence: Rostov-on-Don
Education: RSMT (Secondary Special).
Knowledge of languages: English (basic level).
Key skills:
Conflict Resolution
Politeness, attentiveness
Public performance
Organizational skills
Grammatically correct speech
Business conversation
Time management
Creative thinking
Mobile phone: 89085146210
Email: [email protected]

Like that flight attendants do not impose their service. During the flight pridremala I have felt in a dream as I hid a warm blanket. A trifle, but nice.

I have not seen such service. The only unpleasant thing was the awful dirt in the cabin and it's wonderful when the external condition of the aircraft.

A terrible rip-off. Money acquire virtually everything that can be! Even when asked to change seats on the front row because of the fact that there is much more space for the feet, asked to pay for it separately! Disgraceful.

Passengers very much exhaust the staff, of course me as a passenger do not feel like it, to see, however. I understand everything and as much as I try not to pull the girls once again.

The company is trying very hard, the aircraft fleet is contained in the ideal state, but the human factor is poor. Better to hire more people, even if people do not get tired.

10 October 2014, there was a delay in the flight in the direction of Izhevsk-Moscow (Domodedovo airport) for almost five hours. I booked an airplane Izhevsk-Minsk with a transfer in Moscow. The transfer took two hours, which is quite enough. As a result of the delay in the flight, the plane just did not manage to reach Minsk. They called Izhevsk, they explained to us that we should not approach the Izhavia representative office in Domodedovo. They said that on this day and inheriting tickets in Domodedovo there. They offered to buy another airline ticket, since this is the only option. It feels like they just sent us. I decided to call UTG, officially representing Izhavia in Moscow. The girl answered my questions, saying that they did not sell tickets and sent me to the ticket offices. This attitude roused me. I called again in Izhevsk, where they immediately told me that they were obliged to take the passenger to Domodedovo and they did it, but with a delay of five hours. I was just shocked! And only after my more insistent request they acknowledged their guilt. They gave the mobile number of a young man who is some responsible person or the head of Izhavia's representative office in Moscow. In short, I will not publish his name here, I will leave it for other instances. As a result, he was irresponsible. He told me to write a claim to the court. Five minutes later I went from the phone to the Internet and booked an air ticket to Minsk from Domodedovo. How can it be that employees say that there are no tickets, but I can get them from the phone? They do not care about the passengers. Boorish attitude! All right I'll do through the court! They do not intend to return costs. Izhavia, fell in my eyes! Never fly this airline!

This is not the first time I have flown with Izhavia. The staff is smiling and talkative. While loading into the plane, the pilot informed us in two languages. During the flight, blankets, newspapers, food and various drinks, both hot and cold, were offered. The flight went smoothly. We landed without any shocks. I was very pleased with the Izhavia airline. Thank you to the entire Izhavia crew.

Recently, the airline flew Izhavia to Moscow. The company is changing and it shows. As the flight attendants always-kind and sociable. The pilot is also a master. The food is delicious and hot, a couple of times for coffee or tea. Although check-in was like the old fashioned way, we passed it quickly, departure is arrested, everything was done the minute. Takeoff and landing was soft, all very pleasant, too, I plan to continue to use the airline Izhavia.