Southwest Airlines airline.
Southwest Airlines airline.

Southwest Airlines airline. Official site.

In 1971, as a result of the seemingly “crazy” idea, the first low cost airline Southwest Airlines was organized. The idea belonged to two American businessmen who decided that it was possible to save money on air travel. Despite the absurdity, the idea was more than successful. Today, the company takes the first place in terms of the annual number of passengers, and the sixth in terms of annual income.

Southwest Airlines Airline flight

Southwest Airlines Airline flight

At first, the company was engaged in air travel between the three cities in the south of Texas on three aircraft. The company managed to save literally everything, even at the time of boarding passengers. Already after a couple of years, all innovations began to bring a stable profit to the owners of the company. What were these innovations and why they allowed to save on flights?

Firstly, it is a choice airport. The rate is not on the main, and secondary airports. This allowed us to reduce ticket prices and thereby pose a serious competitor to other carriers.

In all the years of operation of Southwest Airlines, no fatal accidents have been committed.

Secondly, the authors of the new idea developed their own model of reducing fuel prices. To this end, analysts of the company were engaged in constantly studying the market of jet fuel, watching the jumps and falling prices and buying fuel only in those intervals when the price dropped as much as possible.

Southwest Airlines Airline wing

Southwest Airlines Airline flight

Third, the company, of course, does not provide the variety of services that customers of other airlines receive. But after all, most of the passengers are not able to pay for them and often have to refuse to fly on airplanes. Southwest Airlines does not provide its customers with the opportunity to purchase tickets through online portals. The company's cabin is equipped with a minimum and the menu is not very diverse. But all these temporary inconveniences are offset by low ticket prices.

Southwest Airlines Airline plane 2

Airline Southwest Airlines

Serving passengers on board is not quite usual, as is the case, and all the company's activities. For example, all ads for passengers flight attendants do not pronounce, and sing. In January 2005, flight attendants greeted passengers on their morning flight in their pajamas — the last flight of the Boeing 737-200 aircraft took place that day.

All this is not at all an indicator of the lack of professionalism of the company's employees. The high quality of the work of pilots and maintenance personnel is evidenced by the fact that for all the years of operation of Southwest Airlines, not a single fatal accident has been committed.

Basic data:

  • Country Airlines: USA.
  • The largest budget airline company in the world.
  • Year of occurrence airlines: 1971.
  • IATA airline code: WN.
  • ICAO airline code: SWA.

Southwest Airlines (Southwest Airlines). Official site: no.

Contact details:

  • Main airports airlines: Dallas LavFild.

  • Airline mailing address: 2702LoveFieldDrive, POBox36611, Dallas, Texas, 75235-1611, USA.

  • City Airline Phone: + 12147924000.

  • Airlines Fax: + 12147924011.

  • E-mail Airlines:

  • Domestic flights of airlines: Amarillo, Albuquerque, Burbank, Baltimore, Boise, Birmingham, Washington, Buffalo, Honolulu, WestPalmBeach, Denver, Dallas, Jackson, Detroit, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Kansas City, Kona, Columbus, Campan Christie, Little Rock, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Long Island, Manchester, Louisville, New Orleans, Midland, Nashville, Norfolk, Oklahoma City, New York, Albany, Auckland, Ontario, Omaha, Orlando, Orange -Kounty, Pittsburgh, Austin, Providence, Portland, Reno, Raleigh, San Antonio, Sacramento, San Francisco, SanDiego, St. Louis, San Jose, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Tampa Bay, Spokane, Tulsa, Tucson, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Fort Myers, Fort Lauderdale, Hartford, Harlingen, Houston, Hilo, El Paso, Chicago.

  • The airline has the following types of aircraft: Boeing737-300, Boeing737-500, Boeing737-700.

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    Southwest Airlines airline. Official site.

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    Uniforms stewardess: Southwest Airlines. USA.

    Uniforms stewardess: Southwest Airlines. USA.

    All changes of departure time a message arrives on your phone. Consequently, there is no need to search for a company representative to clarify the reasons for flight delays. Everything is clear and understandable, which is why I try to buy tickets from the airline.

    Depart to Los Angeles from Las Vegas. Though a lot of the time he did not take, but I had time to assess the conditions of the airline. I really liked the service. Everything was on time. Service is no different from the classic companies: nuts, drinks ... Arrivals and departures were carried out from the main airports.