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Spirit Airlines Airline

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Spirit Airlines is an American budget aviation company based in Miramar, Florida with major destinations in South and North America. Spirit Airlines currently operates hubs in Detroit, Michigan and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. More than half of the company's flights are carried out to the Caribbean, the Bahamas, and Latin America.



Spirit Airlines is based in 1980, in Macomb County, Michigan as the Charter One, which is based in Detroit charter tour operator that provides complete travel packages and passenger transportation in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the Bahamas. Charter One in 1990 year began regular air service from Boston and Providence (Rhode Island) to Atlantic City. 29 May 1992, the Charter One introduced jet aircraft in its fleet, changed its name to Spirit Airlines and started flights from Detroit to Atlantic City.

Spirit Airlines in April 1993 year began producing regular flights to the city of Florida. Spirit in the next five years has expanded the geography of flights to include it in New York, Los Angeles and South Carolina.

Spirit Airlines in November 1999 year moved its headquarters from Michigan to Miramar, Florida. During the expansion of the market we have added flights to Chicago. Spirit in November 2001 has started flights to San Juan (Puerto Rico) and fully introduced a Spanish-language support for passengers, including book and website.

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Spirit in the beginning of the year 2002 flights to Denver (Colorado) (later it was closed direction) and Las Vegas (NV).

Spirit in the autumn of the year 2003 resumed flights to Washington, DC, in the metropolitan National Airport Ronald Reagan, suspended after the attacks of September 11 2001 years and started flights to Cancun, Mexico.

Spirit 26 September 2007 year announced the update of the outer type of aircraft. It was stated that the new paint weighs less, planes because it will burn less fuel.

The Federal Aviation Administration United States 17 September 2009 year Spirit Airlines fined on 375000 dollars for violation of consumer rights.

Spirit Airlines from August 1 2010 year began to charge extra payment to 50 US dollars for carry-on luggage that exceeds the size of 40h35h30 see.


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Currently, Spirit Airlines makes flights to Central America in cities 40, South America, the Caribbean and the United States.



The average age of aircraft in September 2009 3,3 was the year. Spirit has the second lowest age of Airbus aircraft fleet in the Americas after the Mexican air carrier Volaris.


Basic data:

  • Airline country: USA Spirit Airlines (Airline Spirit Airlines). Official site..
  • International and domestic air lines of the United States of the North-East.
  • The airline was founded in 1990.
  • IATA airline code: NK.
  • ICAO airline code: NKS.


Spirit Airlines (Spirit Airlines). Official site: www.spiritair.com

Spirit Airlines (Airline Spirit Airlines). Official sayt.1


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It's just some kind of tin !!!! Never fly this air company !!!!! We arrived on time at the airport, the staff of the spirit confused us and got themselves confused in getting our tickets. As a result, we were not allowed into the plane because we were late to the exit for a minute !!!!!!! Because of their own employees !!! We now propose to buy themselves other tickets and make a helpless !!!!!!

I do not know why most of the passengers, so critical of the professionalism of the pilots, both for me as their mission is not just to passengers are not injured. But in fact. For airplanes that fly more than a year, we have served as long as possible without damage, so they are insured once again, performing several tests before departure, which naturally affect the departure time, but done it for our country, the security, so and refers to the need to understand.

I highly advanced forms aerophobia. But to go anyway and we have nowhere to fly. The most amazing thing is that whatever the working staff, are treated with a high degree of understanding that even indirectly, facilitates the return ticket.

Very surprised that no specifications free hand luggage allowance. At the same time, about the fact that the transport in the cabin fee you learn after being sat on his seat, and therefore can not drop off your luggage!

Also I did not like that literally everything from the service personnel must be paid a separate way. In the end, I gave no small amount of money for a ticket and even soft drinks could give free. What is so tormented during the flight, it is better next time to fly with someone or whether others.

He departs from San Diego to Las Vegas. There are both pluses and minuses. In about the first: the plane in good condition, plenty of space between the seats, took off on schedule, kind and polite staff. The ticket price is pleasantly surprising.
But at the expense cons: I was registered online via the phone. The landing was not possible to print, and the airport is worth 10 dollars. There are self-service terminals, but before my departure system is just not working, and I have written out by hand planting. The plane can take only a small bag for documents, not more. Backpacks and suitcases in the luggage already rented. If, after all, want to take them with you, you will have to pay.
Back your luggage I got in safely. Spirit Airlines put a solid four.


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