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The FAS and Aeroflot, or a bear in a china shop

The FAS and Aeroflot, or a bear in a china shop


 The Federal Antimonopoly Service, in the month of April this year, put forward a demand for several leading Russian airlines to change the pricing mechanism for tickets. Companies aeroflot, Transaero, Orenburg airlines, S7 Siberia, UTairWe received an order change by May 2014, the pricing mechanism. According to the FAS experts, the price of the ticket will depend on the timeliness of the reservation.

That's just not how it is accepted in the world practice (the earlier broniruesh - the cheaper), but on the contrary: the closer the departure time, the cheaper, according to specialists of the FAS should be worth the ticket. Representatives of Aeroflot and Transaero said they were not going to change the status quo, since, in their opinion, the pricing scheme does not contradict antimonopoly service policy.

Aeroflot and another, unknown to the media company filed in the Moscow Arbitration Court on the illegality of the application service requirements. In a statement, the plaintiffs stated that the Antimonopoly Service claims are illegal, and it has been estimated incorrectly pricing mechanism. However, the Court of Arbitration dismissed the statements of both companies. Judging by the fact that the pricing scheme remains the same in these companies, the FAS or simply "washed his hands", or received an order not to go to where there is little sense.


 Pre-purchased tickets allow passengers to buy them much cheaper when planning their trip. It also allows carriers to most effectively organize the route, optimally using the loading of the aircraft. The inflated prices for the “next few days” tickets allow companies to partially compensate for the so-called “abandoned tickets”, which appear shortly before flights and compensate for cheap tickets. FAS also did not take into account the seasonality of air traffic. In winter, the airlines operate at almost a loss, having the opportunity in the summer season to somewhat offset the winter losses. It is also necessary to take into account the ever-increasing prices for jet fuel and airport services.

 Such gross government intervention, in the opinion of airline representatives, can seriously complicate and disrupt the work of the aviation and air transportation industry.

 As for us, as consumers of this market of services, of course, it is more profitable and more pleasant to fly around the country and beyond its borders, using domestic carriers.

 Soft landings for all of us.


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