How do I know whether the plane had flown
How do I know whether the plane had flown

How do I know whether the plane had flown

Meeting business partners or relatives who arrived by plane, not troublesome thing, but sometimes it requires a significant investment of time. Even now, during the well-developed advanced information technologies and communications networks, advanced aircraft, schedule changes, flight delay or transfer - it is quite commonplace.

How do I know whether the plane had flown

If the meeting provided a passenger flight in Moscow, the first thing you need to know in which of the airports to land the plane. In most other big cities (St. Petersburg, Kazan, Novosibirsk) there is only one airport that receives civilian flights.

If the meeting is scheduled passengers at Domodedovo airport, in the first place, it is important to find out whether there was a change in arrival time, after which it is collected to go to a meeting. Such a method is relevant if the passenger arrives on a charter flight, as this category of air travel is adjusted frequently.

But regular direct flights are often delayed or postponed, or landing may be assigned to another airport. There can be many reasons: from a banal weather to terror threats. It has also happened that the weather conditions at the aircraft was forced to perform unintended landing in any intermediate airport, thereby delaying the arrival time at the airport.

A few ways to find out whether the plane had flown

As a rule, the exact arrival time specified in the ticket. At the same time, fully consistent with the specified time zone in which the destination airport. For example, in the ticket "Moscow - Vladivostok" departure will meet Moscow time, and arrival respectively time zone Airport Knevichi. But the above are the reasons for, under which flights may be delayed, postponed or delayed, so to update the information, use one of the following ways:

  • call manager - always in reference airport for 2-3 hours before the official arrival time have the opportunity to know the exact time of arrival;

  • on the Internet on the official website of the airport to find out the exact time of arrival;

  • if the meeting is at the airport, the easiest way to look at the scoreboard schedules or contact the help serve.

As you guessed, the last method is the most accurate and reliable. Even if suddenly the flight was postponed, it will be displayed on the information board. In addition, at airports, loudspeaker broadcasts often announce the transfer of the arrival. It turns out that the most accurate informer is the airport information board. Also on it can be displayed and additional information about takeoff, on an unexpected landing, on finding the aircraft in the air or changing the airport of arrival. But this method requires the personal presence of a person, which means that the question of wasting time and saving is completely removed.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that the arrival for a meeting a few minutes before the arrival of the aircraft will be inappropriate. Passengers can exit at vast areas of airports from different crossings, where you can easily get confused. Therefore, if you are scheduled to meet at the airport, it is better to arrive there for 30-40 minutes before the expected arrival time, clarify all the necessary information and calmly navigate.