Boeing 737-800 - UTair
Best places of the cabin Boeing 737-800 - UTair

Best places of the cabin Boeing 737-800 - UTair

Boeing 737-800 - one of the most popular airplanes in the world and Russian airlines are not an exception - almost all such ships are available.

Consider the scheme of the cabin Boeing 737-800, applied in the aviation company UTair. In the airline's passenger fleet, 10 aircraft of this type fly all over. Let's see where it is most convenient to stay in the cabin.

Best places of the cabin Boeing 737-800 - UTair

We give general tips and advice to choose the best seats of the aircraft Boeing 737-800.

  • Ask for advice from an employee of aviation companies

  • If possible - carefully examine the scheme airliner on which you fly

  • Do not take the places in which the seats do not recline or limited in this

  • Do not take seats near the toilets, kitchens and other industrial facilities in the tail.

  • 1 p. Business Class. As seen in practice is sufficiently close to the location of the partitions chairs. Another neighborhood with onboard kitchen can bring anxiety.

  • 4 - 9 p. Economy-comfort places are located. According to the airline, the service of this class meets the standards of the business of European continental aviation companies. Chairs do not differ from ordinary economy chairs, but a little more step between the rows. In 4 p., Despite the partition in front, there is a small dignity, compared to other places - no one will throw back the chair. Passengers of this class can take the 30 kilogram of luggage on board. Still, unlike the ordinary house-keeper, a much more extensive menu is expected: snacks, salads, wines and juices, hot dishes.

  • 10 p. - The first series of the conventional economy. It falls into the category of "unfavorable" - do not recline the back seat, as they are located just behind the emergency exit doors.

  • 11 p. Places with both disadvantages and advantages. The backs do not lean back, for a similar reason, 10 p., But there is an extra space for the legs. This is due to the fact that the step between the rows is slightly increased.

  • 12 p. - comfortable places. Leans back, comfortable distance to the front row of seats. The 12F and 12A are a bit worse, because there are no right and left armrests, respectively. Also, portholes are not very conveniently located on this row. Even these places have emergency exits with some restrictions: it is forbidden to block hand luggage pass, it is forbidden to sit for the elderly, passengers, passengers with animals and children. Data precautions for emergency option.

  • 26 and 27 p. (C, B, A), the width of seats is slightly reduced.

  • 27r. (F, E, D) and 28 p. - Basically, the last rows abut the wall of the galley and toilet. In this case, the seat does not recline the backrest. Another big worry will cause close proximity to outbuildings. Walking down the aisle of people, the sound of a tank of the entire flight, slamming doors, and so on. Not a very nice place, especially for long-distance flights.

A couple of general points about the location of seats in the Boeing 737-800 - their advantages and disadvantages.

1. The seats, which are located next to the porthole, have the advantage that you can look at it during the flight (this, of course, depends on the flight time and weather). If you fly at night, this dignity does not count. Another neighbor will not bother you if he wants to get up. These places have one drawback - it’s not very convenient to leave it. According to this, if there is no need to go often to the toilet or you intend to sleep through the whole flight - choose places by the window.

2. In the seats, which are located near the aisle, his dignity - it is very easy to get if you want to use the toilet.

Disadvantages of such - can disturb the neighbor if he needs to get up. Flight attendants with carts and passengers who pass through the cabin to the galley and toilets can still interfere. Therefore, if you fly with your child and, most likely, you will often have to go to the toilet. Or you yourself have a need to go to the restroom more often, then choose from the edge of the place.

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