Regulations for the carriage of children in aircraft
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Regulations for the carriage of children in aircraft

Terms of carrying children on a plane.


This article will help those who are not knowledgeable in rules of transportation of children in aircraftWith the help of this article you will be able to produce just the right design of the ticket for your child.
Most airlines have discounts for childrenWhich are mandatory. Dimensions discounts are governed by the company itself, and depends usually on the type of a specific tariff charge. Each company has its own prices, so they can be different in different companies.

The only indication that complied with all the airlines, without exception, that is what children under two yearsOn domestic flights carried free of charge, and they are given in international discount 90%. Of course separate seat baby is selected, and the child will spend the entire flight in your hand.

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When traveling once with two children or more, directly to the second and all subsequent children will be given the very seat on the planeBut a discount on the ticket, which will be no more than 50% of the cost of the ticket.

Children and rules for their transport in air transport.


Speaking of nRavil carrying children age of 2 12 years before, the child gets a place on the plane and to 50% discount directly from the cost of the tariff plan that you purchased. Most are good and useful advantage is that the child receives the same benefits as a regular passenger. Including the possibility of transport with baggage to 20kg.

Always take into account is the age category of children when it comes to purchasing a ticket. The cost of the flight depends on what you consider or age category of children or not. If we go about booking a place with the help of the agency, the agent has to focus on all possible discounts, because the direct your ticket you will be required to submit documents for all passengers. Do not be shy, if you will not say anything about discounts, ask yourself, because the money to pay for the flight to you.

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Air transport provides options when a child carries flight without seniorThat is, unaccompanied. There is already the company itself provides age categories and prices individually. Very often, each airline provides rules and technology situations of unaccompanied children, which will introduce you to a place where you buy a ticket (or airline ticket sales agency).

If flights are carried out abroad, then the child will have to register international passport. The variant that children are entered in the passport of one parent. To avoid possible problems at passport control in the airport premises, it is best to consult a local service passport and visa type.

Just wanted to add that most of the airlines have additional services for passengers younger. In such services may include: cradles for babies or required baby food. If you are interested in additional services, then find out their availability before the flight, if the company provides services such that they should stay, taking care of the future flight. When you register a ticket, it is necessary to recall once again the services that have been ordered.


Connecting flights.


Connecting flights on the same day are permitted, subject to confirmation of the reserved tickets. Transit stop for a few days or at night are allowed only in cases where the parents / guardians have agreed to support during the stopover represented by an authorized adult.


The duties of a parent or guardian.


Parents or guardian must:

  1. -zabronirovat flight tickets
  2. -podgotovit all the necessary travel documents
  3. -dogovoritsya an authorized adult on that one in the administration remained at the airport until the plane is in the air does not rise
  4. - negotiate with an authorized adult to be present at the airport upon arrival at the time of the actual arrival of the flight
  5. -podpisat form Maintenance Guidelines
  6. - To pay all the costs of return transportation (meals, accommodation ground transportation, the cost of a return ticket, etc.) in the event that an authorized adult does not meet the unaccompanied minor at the arrival of the flight.


Responsibilities of the airline.


Unaccompanied minors coming under the full responsibility of the airline since its transfer from hand to hand

-roditelyami, guardian or authorized adult in the administration or by the carrier at the station who donate transplant

And until it is transferred from hand to hand

-back parent, guardian or authorized adult on arrival, or earlier at the station receiving the transplant.



Fee for service.




Facilities fee must be paid:

  1. -this each unaccompanied minor or a group of unaccompanied minors, flying together to the same destination
  2. -this one end (ie, the place of embarkation to the place of final destination), including joint flights


Charges for services should be made a universal payment order.




Typically, the distribution of seats in advance at the time of booking. If the place is not secured to the passenger booking, he must be allocated to the life right place.

Unaccompanied minors may not be seated in rows near the emergency exit.

 The following table shows the documents and other items used in serving unaccompanied minors.




Bag for minor documentation (required)


Chest wallet on his belt for the safe storage of documents unaccompanied minor.


Issued during the sale of the ticket, or in the administration.

Space for writing the name, path and other data.

Maintenance Guidelines unaccompanied minor (required)

It contains a disclaimer, signed by parents or guardians.

It provides information on unaccompanied minors, route names

It contains several coupons / copies since one copy for each intermediate station.

Copies should be enough for the entire journey including transit stops, transplantation and so on.

Tag / clasp with the name of the unaccompanied minor (if applicable)

Clasp or tag for identifying unaccompanied minor. Is attached to clothing (a jacket, sweater, etc.)

Luggage tag unaccompanied minor (recommended)

The tag for easy identification baggage, giving priority baggage delivery. Nominal tag for checked baggage and hand luggage.


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