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The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. #5

The modern image of flight attendants. Questions not related to aviation. # 5


Anna Rodionova

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1) Your most characteristic feature? 

Anna: In my opinion this is purposefulness. 
When my acquaintances and friends talk about me, they describe me as a person who sets goals for himself and goes to them, does everything to accomplish them without giving up. And this is exactly so, everyone knows, if I had any idea, I will definitely achieve this and will do my best. If I don’t like something, I don’t tend to sit and whine, or complain about my life, I’m looking for all the ways to change it. 
I try and work on myself every day, trying to become better, to achieve and realize my goals and dreams. 


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2) What would you do if you peredaril gift?

Anna: I think it depends on the situation, maybe they gave it to me because they know that I will appreciate it more and dream about it. I am correct and overly educated, so even if I didn’t like the gift, I wouldn’t show it and thanked for the gift anyway, as they rightly say: “don’t look a gift horse in the mouth”. 



3) In which country would you like to live?

Anna: I am in love with several countries, but my dream is to live in Switzerland or Australia, and better both there and there :). 




4) favorite fictional character?

Anna: You know, I always harbored some kind of compassion and I liked Anna Karenina, this madness and her love. 
But recently a new version of the sleeping beauty was released, Malificent, and I am sincerely delighted with this character, although she probably is not quite a literary hero, but this is an excellent example of how important it is to be able to forgive and change, about how good triumphs over evil. A very instructive tale. 


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5) What do you hate most?

Anna: Probably duplicity, betrayal and falsity in people. It seems to me more and more seldom there are truly ardent and benevolent people. 


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6) What is the point in history do you value most?

Anna: Probably the emergence of the Internet and its availability to everyone, this is a real progress in history and such a utility to humanity. 
Probably this moment in history, I especially began to appreciate that I moved to Dubai, to see and communicate with my loved ones anywhere in the world and not to feel the distance, it’s worth a lot. 


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7) Where do you find inspiration?

Anna: Love for my work and for my own purposes, I go to them, do everything I can, and at the same time every day I learn something new. 
It is inspired by travel and explore, since the beginning of the "fly" got acquainted with many interesting people, and sometimes it's just a conversation in which just interesting to hear the interlocutor, and sometimes it's very inspiring, tembolee when senior and successful people say they see me himself youth.

Also, when there are people who are interested and “watching” me, who probably see me as a bit of inspiration, I am pleased to record videos, answer questions about my work, I probably will never get tired of this, since I am in love with my profession I am very proud of her. 


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8) What was the last book you read?

Anna: "The China Study" is a book about the food. I rarely read fiction and science prefer to just love the psychology which is very helpful in my work.


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9) What has life taught you the most important thing? 

Anna: Believing in ourselves no matter what happens, sometimes obstacles lead us to the best changes in life, the black bar can be take-off. 




10) What five words to describe your character?

Anna: Artistry, stubbornness, stamina, determination and femininity! :)

I liked it.