Mi-28 Helicopter: V. Bondarev with one shortcoming obscures another
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Mi-28 Helicopter: V. Bondarev with one shortcoming obscures another

Mi-28 Helicopter: V. Bondarev with one shortcoming obscures another




"The former commander of the VKS Bondarev criticized the electronics of the helicopter Mi-28.30 November. / TASS /.

Mi-28 Helicopter: V. Bondarev with one shortcoming obscures another


... This was announced on Thursday by the Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Defense and Security Viktor Bondarev, who previously held the post of commander-in-chief of the Russian Military Space Agency.

... Electronics failure: nothing does not see the pilot, does not hear anything, "- said the senator.

He noted, in particular, that the night vision goggles “pilots call“ the death of the pilots. ”12 on April 2016 of the year in Syria crashed the attack helicopter Mi-28Н of the Russian Aerospace Forces, two crew members were killed. 

... As a source in the commission for investigating the circumstances of the disaster told TASS, the helicopter's death was caused by the crew's loss of orientation in space in the conditions of a dark night over an unoriented terrain with a complex terrain. "

And rightly: better late than never! But in one place does not agree categorically, where instead of the tail rotor the culprit in the crash puts the night vision glasses?

 The fact is, the special value of these points consists in finding the target and destroying it, which they successfully completed, but the return flight is possible without glasses at all. In addition, according to the head of the retraining center in Torzhok, Colonel Popov to assist them in flying at night:
 "For this, it is responsible multifunctional radar" Crossbow ". The station automatically warns of obstacles: detached trees and wires of power lines. As the pilots say, the "Crossbow" sees even a separate person at night at a distance of 500 meters, and looks at the terrain for several dozen kilometers. During the night flight, the pilot can use night-vision goggles and an aerobatic thermal station, which additionally give a picture in the dark both in the course of the vehicle’s flight and in the direction of turning the pilot’s head ”. So the catastrophe of the Mi-28H “because of the night glasses” is the screen behind which V. Bondarev tries to hide the failure of the tail rotor - the real culprit of the catastrophe. And not only this one!

I note that at the end of the investigation of any flight incident involving the Mi-28N helicopter, the IAC members are constantly trying to lead us away from the truth in the final conclusions. For example, after the Mi-28N crash in the Budennovskiy district of the Stavropol Krai, the commission's conclusion: "The chip has got a gear in the motor reducer," although such ingress of chips is categorically excluded. on the base comes already filtered oil and then refueled by technicians into the reducer through the neck filter. But even if we assume that metal chips have got there miraculously, then in the bottom of the reducer there is a drain plug-magnet, to which the chips are lowered and magnetized to the stopper, patiently wait for another oil change, without interfering with the reducer to work properly. But when the gearbox chased the shavings, then no magnetic plug will help, which was the case in this case!

I suggest video of the fall of the Mi-28N helicopter with the demonstration flights of the aerobatics group "Berkut" near Ryazan, where you can clearly see how the helicopter rotates when the tail rotor failed and the chances of staying alive with the crew are too low!

In my head it does not fit, as it was possible to put on board the weakly maneuverable, and even crude Mi-28N instead of the outstanding attack helicopter Ka-50. Mi-28N in all the weaker "Black Shark"! It was not by chance that S.Sikorsky flew to the series from the USA because the Americans of the "Black Shark" are afraid, as the devil of incense and not knowing such simplicity, the super professional scout Sergei Ivanov could not, especially in the post of Minister of Defense and it is very strange that was ashamed to transplant our combat pilots from a reliable and highly maneuverable Ka-50 to an awkward, and even a dead Mi-28H.

And further. The war in Syria showed that the speed of today's helicopters does not correspond in any way to the time, and Mi-28, if you put a few more letters of the type Mi-28NM behind, or add the word "High-speed" to the Night Hunter, its speed will not increase, for too much frontal resistance. At Baba Yaga the stupa was aerodynamically MI-28, and the steering broom behind gave a smaller drag than the end beam Mi-28, coupled with the tail gear and tail rotor!


I will be objected: but Ka-50?

First, the Ka-50 has a speed limit of 390k / h. instead of 350k / h. from the Mi-28N, and secondly and most importantly: the Kamov company has already offered the B-100 combat rotorcraft with an estimated speed of 450k / h. and instead of the Mi-8, the transport-assault version of the B-50 longitudinal scheme with a speed of 400 k / h., I'm not even talking about the Ka-92 and Ka-102, which were not financed due to the financing of the Mi-X1 picture as “a faster ".

And another very worthy advantage of the "Black Shark", which is rarely remembered: CATTLE "armchairs, which in these catastrophes could save the lives of our courageous pilots!

The conclusion is simple:

1. To stop the production of the Mi-28 helicopter, and instead return the best combat helicopter of the Ka-50 world "Black Shark" to the troops.

Mi-28 Helicopter: V. Bondarev with one shortcoming obscures another


2. Instead of Mi-8 helicopters of all modifications, launch Ka-32-10AG helicopters in the series, which are more cost-effective, more reliable and faster.

Mi-28 Helicopter: V. Bondarev with one shortcoming obscures another




Then there was encouraging news: “UAC will be merged with the SCAC and Irkut | Air transport ... auto.ru. August 30, 2017.

It is expected that the decision on reorganization and personnel reshuffles will legally be issued at a meeting of the boards of directors of the UAC, the SCU and Irkut, scheduled for 1 September. "

Now there was a hope that another parasitic organization with the name "Helicopters of Russia", too, will be dispersed, so as not to spoil our helicopter technology any more!

Let me remind you that when this holding crashed under a helicopter factory in Kumertau, then, according to E. Matveev, the price of Ka-32 helicopters grew at once by one and a half times: "This is what people steal money! In a dream is not a dream. Once I dreamed, then did not sleep for three nights "(Gennady Khazanov).



Vitalii Belyaev

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