Explosion in Kabul


18 U.S. Marines killed in Taliban bombing at Kabul airport

As a result of a terrorist attack by the Taliban at the Kabul airport, 18 American Marines were killed.

The terrorist attack by the Taliban (a terrorist movement banned in Russia - ed.) Resulted in the deaths of at least 18 US Marines. Another 6 US Marines received various injuries. In this regard, this is probably not the final figure for American losses.

Experts do not exclude that the real number of deaths and injuries of American servicemen may be much higher. The Pentagon is quite interested in hiding the real numbers, as this could lead to very serious criticism of the American military command, especially against the background of the fact that the warning of a terrorist attack was circulated several hours before the incident.

Despite the fact that the Taliban terrorists are trying to deny their involvement in the explosion, it became known that, by a strange coincidence, all the militants left the scene of the explosion literally a few minutes before the incident. According to a number of data, the militants also have at least one victim, however, it is likely that the sluggishness of the terrorists took place here.

It should be noted that immediately after the explosion, an American strategic bomber B-2 Spirit was sent towards the Persian Gulf from Great Britain. This does not rule out the possibility that Taliban terrorists will be bombed tonight.

And the fact that no military died is not counted.

Strange news, aviation pro, as always, knows what no one knows and will never know, since this is not true! Only yesterday it was known to the whole world that IS had staged a terrorist attack.

If they "start bombing", then no one will fly out of Kabul at all. Even in coffins. Not good for the author.

Yes, not the fact that it was arranged by the tylibs. They don't need

... the fifth point with a finger should not be confused (and go towards the fake news that you collect) by pretending that you are not competent in distinguishing ISIS from the Taliban ...

IS claimed responsibility for the bombings and warned the Taliban. The Taliban have nothing to do with the explosions.