Aeroflot flights to Crimea


Aeroflot plans to transport to the Crimea 350 thousand people before the end of the year

9 APRIL. Airline aeroflot, Made an official statement in which she indicated that by the end of the current calendar year, she hopes to transport to the Crimea not less than 350 thousand passengers.

The statement was made in the context that starting this year, thousands of passengers have booked seats for flights to the territory of the Crimean peninsula in the summer (July and August), while there is still a lot of time before the opening of the official season. In addition, Aeroflot has already adjusted its policy for the cost of air tickets, and also made flights as comfortable and affordable as possible, which naturally attracts more and more passengers.

It should be noted that last year the number of Aeroflot passengers traveling to Crimea was 250, so it is quite possible that the figure presented in the statement is far from final.