American B-52 provoked near Kamchatka on Independence Day

The United States staged another provocation near the Russian borders.

A few hours before the start of the celebration of US Independence Day, the US military command decided to arrange another provocation near the Russian borders, sending two strategic nuclear bombers B-52 to Kamchatka and the Kuril Islands.

It is known that American strategic bombers made a rather strange maneuver, heading initially northward, after which they made a U-turn and almost came very close to the air borders of the Russian Federation, and more specifically, to the Kamchatka Peninsula and the Kuril Islands. The purpose of the provocation is still unknown, however, analysts believe that this is due precisely to the celebration of US Independence Day and the propaganda activities of Washington.

“Last year, the Americans were, to put it mildly, in a puddle, after the appearance of a photograph of how an American bomber drops a bomb on an American city. Now, obviously, Trump decided to demonstrate his readiness to confront Russia. This is nothing more than a provocation, and it is likely that Russia will respond to it within the next few hours by sending its own combat aircraft to the US borders. ”, - the expert expresses an opinion.

At the moment, it remains unknown whether the Russian Aerospace Forces escorted American bombers.

Was it interesting to see the members of the congress aboard these provocateurs, as was the case in the 80s when the same tourist from South Korea successfully landed?