Bomber B-52


American bombers for the first time worked out strikes on Russia through the North Pole

US strategic aviation has practiced strikes on Russian territory from the North Pole.

Two groups of American strategic missile-carrying bombers practiced strikes against Russian territory from the western and northern directions. If a group of B-2 bombers was relatively far from the Russian borders, and a number of sources claim that it was about one plane at all, then at least two American strategists flew up to the Russian borders from the Arctic directions the US military prefer not to act due to the poor adaptability of the B-52 aircraft to extremely low temperatures.

Information on this matter was confirmed by the Telegram-community "Operational Line", presenting the corresponding flight routes of American bombers in the direction of the Russian borders.

“At the yesterday’s quarterly training session of the US strategic nuclear forces, the Pentagon was again practicing a massive strike against Russia by the assigned detachment of forces. You don't have to be a major specialist to look at these routes of flight of the B-52H and B-2A bombers and understand that this is exactly the case. "- said in the message.

How far the American bombers approached the Russian borders remains unknown, however, apparently, the United States is seeking to create tension in this direction.