Aircraft Boeing P-8


American military aircraft mysteriously disappeared next to the Hmeymim airbase

An American military plane unexpectedly disappeared next to a Russian military airbase in Syria.

A few hours ago, the American military reconnaissance aircraft Boeing P-8A Poseidon was spotted in the eastern part of the Mediterranean, flying several kilometers from the Russian military base Hmimim. However, during the mission, the military aircraft suddenly disappeared from the radar.

According to experts, at a distance of several kilometers from the Syrian border, the American military reconnaissance aircraft suddenly disappeared from radar. The incident was recorded in 12 hours 7 minutes (UTC).

Initially, versions that the American military aircraft could have crashed appeared on the resources monitoring the movement of military aircraft, however, already in 12 hours 59 minutes (UTC) the aircraft reappeared on radar.

Where exactly in the near-hour period was an American military aircraft, so far remains unknown. According to some data, the crew of the Boeing P-8A Poseidon could deliberately hide its presence near the Russian military air base, however, no official comments on this score have so far appeared.


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This is not about disappearing from radar, but about disappearing from the Flyinfo site. And from the radar (those that it was interesting), he hardly disappeared.

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It's funny to read such nonsense. The Flight Activity site defines planes only to the transponder; if you disable it, the site will not see. And we did not know and do not know what the locators of the air defense systems saw.

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Who said he disappeared from military radar?

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