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Armenia will hit Azerbaijan with new Russian weapons

The head of the General Staff of the Armenian Armed Forces, Artak Davtyan, threatened to strike Azerbaijan with new Russian weapons.

The head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia, against the background of the continuing escalation on the Azerbaijani-Armenian border from Azerbaijan, stated that Yerevan is ready to demonstrate to Baku the power of the new weapons recently acquired from Russia. According to Davtyan, at the moment, the Armenian military is armed with modern means capable of putting Baku in its place. New weapons will be used as soon as Azerbaijan shows aggression against Armenia.

“Active work is underway. I think when the time comes, we will show the funds that were received and acquired within the framework of this cooperation. We have a lot of funds, which now are inappropriate to report ", - said the head of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia.

What kind of weapons are in question is not specified, however, during the last armed conflict, Turkish attack drones posed the greatest danger. This does not exclude the possibility that, to combat the UAV, Armenia received Russian Pantsir-S air defense missile systems and, probably, Buk-M2E air defense systems, which proved to be the best in Libya and Syria, destroying several dozen Bayraktar TB2 Turkish drones.

A little earlier, the President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, announced that Azerbaijan was ready to lay a corridor to Nakhichevan by force, thereby uniting the Azerbaijani territories.

I am afraid that after the next trick, Armenia will only be remembered, and not a good memory.

"Learn" - Are you talking about the IL-20? Remember.

such blows are not reported in advance if they really have something to do. Destruction first, then pause, and then confirmation. Learn from Israel.

Maybe he will, these are different things, I would prefer you not to boast of a 44-day war, because this is a lost battle, but in no way a war, you too much naively rely on the ghostly amount spent according to your own media on the purchase of weapons, however As a result of this amount, taking into account the corruption of your country, much less money was spent. You forget the simplest truth: Trying to position yourself as a regional power, forget very much, there is only one power in this region, and that is Russia !!! So it was, so it is, and so it will be. And you are just vassals, 3-4 countries concerned, your card has now played, but not the fact that the next one will fall just as beautifully. Look at neighboring Georgia with its territorial claims, Ukraine, and so on. Think with your head before writing something.

For 2 billion shekels ($ 500 million) for your information, and does not buy but makes barter for oil.

Armenia can strike only at civilians. An example is the strike on Ganja in early October 2020. Let it only try to strike again with "new" Russian weapons, there will be another war and Armenia will finally come to its senses ...

In my opinion, we are talking about removable, quick-deploying toilets.

Israel in its role: if only to shit, and then "me for what?".

It is very bad when the forces and means of the once fraternal peoples are directed against each other to the delight of their enemies.

Iskander missiles are the same new weapons, but for some reason the Armenian military could not use them. After Russia was accused of "low-quality weapons"

We have heard such calls from them before. The outcome is obvious to everyone (44 day war). The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Armenia probably knows that Azerbaijan recently bought the most modern weapons from Israel for 2 billion, which in a matter of minutes can wipe Armenia off the face of the earth.



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