Airline Iberia


Air carrier "Iberia" began to fight against low-cost airlines

The Spanish airline "Iberia"Offers its passengers flights on 29 euros.

A new campaign to attract passengers to their flights should very aggressively fight the main loukosterov in Europe, in particular, it is about airlines "RyanairAnd EasyJet. According to the data received by Avia .pro data, flights in Spain will cost passengers in an amount equal to 29 euros, air tickets for flights in Western territory will be 39 euros, and other international routes will cost passengers in 229 euros.

Experts do not exclude that due to such actions by the Spanish airline, the workload of the aircraft will reach 96-98%, and passenger traffic indicators will increase by an average of 70%. Nevertheless, a number of risks are noted, which may be associated with extremely low prices for airline tickets - if the passenger traffic does not change, and this may well be, given the "lame" economy of several EU countries, the airline may lose its profits dramatically.


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