The fighting in Chasov Yar began to shift westward to the area of ​​the Seversky Donets Canal

April 15 marked a new stage in the fighting around Chasov Yar, where the front shifted towards the west, towards the Seversky Donets canal. Despite the active deployment of reinforcements, the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU) are facing serious difficulties due to the actions of Russian FPV drones, which have already begun to strike rear positions where the Ukrainian Armed Forces are likely planning to retreat after losing positions on the eastern outskirts of the Kanal microdistrict.

At the moment, the combat zone is characterized as a zone of positional clashes without significant front movements, but the situation is complicated by constant attacks and problems with the logistics of supplying the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The effective use of drones by the Russian side leads to the fact that Ukrainian units, in particular the 98th Airborne Division and the 200th Brigade, are experiencing serious difficulties similar to those they encountered during the defense of Artyomovsk. As a result, Ukrainian troops had to leave the city after lengthy fighting.


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