British aircraft carrier headed menacingly towards Russian military bases in Syria

British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth moved towards Russian military bases in Syria.

A few hours ago, the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth began to move towards the eastern Mediterranean, presumably heading for the area between Cyprus and the Syrian coast. The purpose of the appearance here of the British aircraft carrier and other AUG ships remains unknown, however, experts do not rule out provocations directed against Russian military facilities, especially since earlier in London they announced their readiness to use fighters from the deck of an aircraft carrier to strike at the territory of the Arab republic.

Experts draw attention to the fact that two Russian missile cruisers, a missile frigate, and probably one of two submarines in Tartus, Syria, will soon arrive in the area where the British aircraft carrier is located.

“Russia has nothing against the British aircraft carrier and the AUG ships being in the Mediterranean, however, as soon as London wants to stage a provocation, Russia will immediately give an answer - some electronic warfare equipment located both at the Khmeimim airbase and at the naval base Russia in Tartus is enough to quickly disable the radars and main systems of most of the AUG and the aircraft carrier itself ", - emphasizes the specialist.

As for the use of F-35 fighters by the British military, experts believe that Damascus and Moscow are ready to activate air defense systems in order to destroy such threats.

The British aircraft carrier moved threateningly to the Russian bases in Syria ... The Russian plane Mig-31 frivolously and cheerfully took off from Belbek, accelerated over the World Cup to the required speed and, with little intelligence, launched our domestic Dagger into this aircraft carrier ... The Britons are expecting this or they need to Did Russia just destroy their home island?