The collapse of small-aircraft


Private jets nearly fell on a residential house

In the US, a light-engine aircraft fell a few meters from a private house.

According to official data presented, the news agency became known that during the flight on board the small-engine aircraft were identified technical problems, what the pilot told the dispatcher and he tried to fly to the runway. However, the plane crashed before reaching the airport only a few kilometers, and at the crash site there was an explosion followed by a fire, which left a man chances of rescue.

During the crash of a light aircraft, none of the people on earth was injured, and the building of a private house received insignificant damage in the form of glass shattered by a blast wave, partially destroyed roof, etc.

What exactly was the cause of the crash that occurred, the editorial staff of the aviation portal at the moment remains unknown, however, given the preliminary versions of experts working at the crash site, engine failure could be to blame.