Bomber B-52


Two American bombers threatened to turn DPR and LPR into a desert

American strategic forces have worked out the complete destruction of the self-proclaimed DPR and LPR.

The flight of two American B-52 strategic bombers near the Russian border from Ukraine did not threaten Russian sovereignty, but the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics. As analysts note, no one and under no circumstances would bomb the Crimea, knowing full well that Russia would immediately strike at Europe and the United States, however, given that Ukraine lost control over the eastern part of the country, American strategic aviation could well turn the territory of the self-proclaimed republics into a wasteland.

“The Pentagon is well aware that in the event of aggression against Russia, very, very big troubles await it, however, the bombing of Donbass helped to regain control over the Ukrainian-Russian border, and Washington would not have had anything for that. Given the amount of weapons. Which is carried by these planes, from the two self-proclaimed republics one continuous desert would remain, and, obviously, this may well happen in the near future ", - the expert marks.

To date, the DPR and LPR are not armed with medium and long-range air defense systems, and therefore, the threat of an American invasion is indeed very reasonable.

Leonid, based on your words, if the immediate reaction of the defensive forces is a fright, then all countries are rather shy. Whether someone likes it or not, Russia is a strong adversary and will not tolerate impudence from anyone. There are no fools in the Pentagon and they understand this perfectly well, and the whole show is designed for Europe and Ukraine, with their weak nerves. There is nothing to frighten the Russians. Scared.

Aircraft of this class strike deep into enemy territory. Such planes are not needed for strikes against the DPR.

And you were present ...

but nothing that in the LDNR, a third of the population, citizens of RUSSIA? What kind of bombing? Your last name does not end with O ???

Nobody wants to unite with Russia, she, as always, lies. Unions and separations occur not according to your understanding, but according to international legal norms.

Sorry, but you are not in the subject. There is passive radar, they did not open anything, they are up to our brain as to Uranus)))

It was not possible to calm down. These toys come from the Cold War. They make provocations to test the air defense system.

Of course she will answer and there is no need to doubt.

Let them remember MH17 and forget their promises.

Good! In this case, the Russian Federation will strike back for the simple reason that its citizens live there with Russian passports!

Yes, the Americans need these Nedorepubliks to spend expensive ammunition on them. They themselves will disintegrate. Their main goal is to open the air defense of the Crimea and the south-west of Russia. No wonder British scouts approached the Crimea from the sea side at the same time as the B-52. And judging from the fact that the Russians turned on all weapons out of fright, they succeeded.

The Russian air defense will include electronic warfare, and the state department will smash completely different territories)))

If the US attacks the LPR and DPR, they will instantly receive a nuclear response from Russia.

Watch out. In Yugoslavia, they managed to NOT GET INTO THE COUNTRY, or have already forgotten.

Nonsense. Of course, the Kremlin's tolerance is amazing, but there is a limit to everything.

And what business can be amers to the DPR and LPR? This is an internal Ukrainian conflict. These republics voluntarily want to unite with Russia. What happens? Will the Russian Armed Forces allow the US to bombard the Russian and Ukrainian populations living in these territories? It is necessary to warn the United States firmly not to interfere there!