Simferopol Airport


Two millionth passenger met at the Simferopol airport

At the airport Simferopol Met a two millionth passenger.

A significant event for the airport occurred 15 July, with the information portal becoming known only in a year, the main air hub of the entire Crimean peninsula was able to double its passenger turnover twice - in the past year, around the same time, only a million Of the passenger.

The big popularity of the Simferopol airport is due mainly to the large number of air carriers providing regular air communication between the Crimea and other Russian cities. At the same time, far from the last factor of all this is also the cost of air tickets, which is partly compensated from the state budget.

Experts do not exclude that by the end of this year, passenger Simferopol airport closer to the mark 3.8 million passengers, which in turn is superior to all the previous activities of the air hub.