The General Staff of the Ministry of Defense of Russia threatened to shoot down American planes without warning

Russia decided to attack American bombers without warning.

The head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Sergei Rudskoy, stated that the incident with the unexpected appearance of American bombers forced the Russian military to be fully operational on air defense deployed in Crimea. According to Rudsky, against the backdrop of such an escalation by the United States, Russia is ready to attack American planes at any time when an order is received, that is, practically without warning.

“The chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, Sergei Rudskoy, spoke about the readiness of air defense systems to shoot down strategic US bombers B-1B of the Air Force, which flew May 29 near the borders of Russia. Rudskoy noted that Russia is closely monitoring all flights of American "strategists". According to him, on May 29, air defense calculations as US aircraft approached were also ready for immediate use. It is noted that if in April 2020 only one flight of strategic bombers near Kamchatka was recorded, then in May - already five. It is known that US aircraft were approaching the border of the Kaliningrad region at a distance of up to ten kilometers. The Chief of the General Staff noted separately that Moscow is ready to conclude an agreement with NATO on the minimum distance for rapprochement of military aircraft- сообщает publication.

It should be clarified that American combat aircraft began to appear more and more near the Russian borders, moreover, the behavior of the US Air Force is often provocative, which results in harsh interceptions by Russian fighters.

Why are you reading this article, Nina, if you don’t understand anything? The buildup of military activity in the immediate vicinity of our borders is nothing more than preparation for war. If you close your eyes to this, then after a while our borders will have hundreds of aircraft of a potential enemy! The vulnerability of our air defense systems, the near echelon of defense is increasing! An unexpected massive attack and defense of air defense will be hacked! Next will be an attack on strategic targets of the Russian Federation. Command is simply obliged to suppress such activity! The meaning of deterring the enemy by air defense forces is the possibility of destroying air attack means at distant approaches to the border.

Which ram? there are missiles and cannon armament, possibly electronic warfare with disabling the enemy’s REA.

The minimum rapprochement distance between military aircraft should be determined by the behavior of the enemy side near the borders of Russia and, in which case, go into ram or shoot down US and NATO aircraft.

minimum distances from our borders ?! Is that so? And what's next? But what about this distance to the US borders? Every day, one news is worse than another! Now Syria has also conceived something strange, not otherwise a betrayal of Russia. Looks like Bashar we needed only for intrigue, in order for the United States to blackmail !?

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