India threw Rafali into battle against China, and nearly lost them

The French Rafale fighters purchased by India could not oppose anything to the Russian Su-35 fighters during the conflict on the border with the PRC and were almost destroyed by long-range Sushki missiles. It is for this reason that India intends to purchase Russian combat aircraft to probably completely replace the French Rafale fighters, since the Su-35 in service with China can actually defeat half of the Indian Air Force.

Earlier, the resource already reported that the Su-35 fighters in service with China were seen on the border of the disputed area between India and the PRC, however, it was exclusively about patrolling this area, obviously, the Indian Air Force was not allowed here. Nevertheless, after the appearance of the first Rafale fighters, India probably tried to demonstrate its power to Beijing, but, apparently, before even getting close to the disputed region, Indian pilots received a warning from Chinese pilots that further escalation would lead to an attack. ... This is reported by the PRC media.

It should be noted that a few years ago, India actively criticized the Russian Su-35 and Su-57 fighters, calling them useless and unpromising, however, current trends indicate that these combat aircraft have no competitors in the air.

Well, that the descendants of the slaves of england played out in their tenders? All of you did not like the planes from Russia, and the tanks from Russia, and the air defense systems from Russia, and the Russians themselves from Russia. Live as you can and the West will help you!