Iran officially accuses Israel of attacking military facilities in the country

The investigation into the attack on Iranian military installations is having an impact on Israel's involvement.

The latest attack on Iranian military facilities in the territory of the Islamic Republic indicates that Israel is behind the attack. Tehran has not yet reported how exactly the attack was carried out, however, according to Iran, it is the Israeli side that is behind the latest attack on the facility of the Iranian Ministry of Defense.

“The results of the preliminary investigation indicate that the Zionist regime is responsible for the terrorist attack on the Ministry of Defense facility in the city of Isfahan, the actions of this regime violate international law and are condemned. Iran has the legitimate and inalienable right to ensure its national security and to respond strongly to any threat or wrongdoing by the Zionist regime whenever it deems it necessary.”- said Iran's Permanent Representative to the UN Amid Saeed Iravani.

According to the official Iranian side, no consequences of the attack were avoided, while Israeli government sources report that the targets were hit successfully during the attack.

Experts note that the current attack on Iran may well lead to a serious armed conflict, which will almost certainly affect the entire Middle East.


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