Iran invited Iraq to bring down Israeli F-35 for free

Iranian authorities suggested Iraq bring down the Israeli F-35.

Against the backdrop of a series of attacks by Israeli F-35 fighters on the Iranian and Iraqi military on the territory of Iraq, official Tehran invited Iraq to supply several Iranian air defense systems to the country free of charge and thereby bring down Israeli fighters who try to launch new missile attacks.

"The Iranian minister has proposed to provide Iraq with its air defense systems, which will be deployed on Iraqi territory and will allow the Israeli F-35 to be controlled and shot down.", - said in the media.

It should be clarified that among Iran’s air defense systems, there are air defense systems capable of detecting stealth targets at distances up to 150 kilometers, in particular, air defense systems such as S-300, BAVAR-737 and Khordad.

Earlier it became known that in the last two cases of attacking the Iranian military in Iraq, Israeli F-35 fighters took part, disguising their presence as US Air Force fighters, and, according to analysts, this is how the Israeli Air Force could strike Syrian territory, deceiving the Syrian and Russian air defense systems.

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Russian military doctrine - drop a nuclear charge of 100 megatons into the territory of Israel and solve the always Middle East issue

I explain for those who are dumber: the military doctrine of Israel - to deliver (including preventive) blows to those who want to destroy it / harm it. Other countries do the same, but zoological anti-Semitism and stupidity do not allow some commentators to understand the justice of this in relation to Israel. And now they thought precisely with their heads: Israel is friends with both Russia and the States: who will prevent it? Mighty superpowers Syria and Iraq? Or is it already nude without petrodollars Iran?

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