Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin: Iran received Western weapons and technologies seized in Ukraine

Iranian media report receiving captured Western weapons and technologies from Russia.

A cargo of Western weapons captured in Ukraine as trophies, as well as unique technologies, arrived in Iran. According to Iranian journalist Khayal Muazzin, the specified cargo arrived on board the Tu-154M aircraft of the 223rd Special Flight Detachment at the Tehran airport (Mehrabad).

“A Russian transport plane was sent to Iran with a cargo of weapons and advanced Western technologies captured in Ukraine”- сообщает Iranian journalist.

It is known that Iran is extremely interested in obtaining advanced Western technologies for their study and the subsequent creation of its own types of weapons on this basis, as well as the development of measures to counter Western technologies and weapons. However, what kind of cargo could have arrived on board the Russian plane is not specified.

Earlier it became known that during the NMD, the Russian military managed to take as trophies a large number of anti-tank missile systems, missiles, artillery weapons, armored vehicles, etc., which may well be of interest to Iran.


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