Fighter Su-30 conquered the Americans, flying on the deck of "Theodore Roosevelt"

Fighter Su-30 flew over the deck of an American aircraft carrier

A Russian Su-30 fighter in service with the Malaysian Air Force flew over the deck of the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier. The moment was filmed by American sailors and, in fact, this is the first time that such a heavy fighter has flown over an American warship of this type, even despite the fact that we are talking about joint maneuvers.

“American sailors photographed the flight of a Russian-made Su-30MKM fighter flying over the deck of the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt during a training exercise with the Royal Malaysian Air Force. The official Twitter of the US Navy has published photos of the Su-30MKM fighter of the Royal Malaysian Air Force, flying over the aircraft carrier "USS Theodore Roosevelt" in the South China Sea on April 7 ", - according to the Al-Masdar News.

Experts do not exclude that in this way the United States could work out the process of detecting and destroying such an aircraft, realizing that Malaysia is unlikely to receive any advantage from such a maneuver.

It should be noted that today the Su-30 fighters are quite strong combat aircraft, yielding, in fact, only to the fifth generation fighters, as evidenced by the rather great interest in them from even the largest countries of the world, incl. India, China, etc.

Conquered the Americans? Writer, you can probably guess what I think of you.

Through the Volga-Don Canal, the Russians know.

This is a cropped photo.
there is the same photo but not cropped there Su 30 and f 18

You shouldn't write "Russian fighter". A "Su-30 fighter of the Russian production of the Malaysian Air Force." Or simply "Su-30 of the Malaysian Air Force"
Why should readers be misled?

The picture shows F-18. Dear author, it is unprofessional to use unverified information. No photo, no news.

First, along the Volga River, then along the Volga-Don Canal, and then along the Don and opla already in the Sea of ​​Azov.

And how interesting. ships from the Caspian Sea to the Azov? It looks like with the help of the "ships of the desert" ...

Themselves wrote that the Su-30 fighter lost the battle to the F-16 fighters and now praise))

A note from the series "When the cat has nothing to do, he ......."

pictured not SU-30