NATO fighters massively practiced striking Russia from the south, west and north

The borders of Russia were subjected to a massive raid by NATO fighters from the south, north and west.

From the beginning of the day, NATO fighters began to massively practice the delivery of missile strikes on Russian territory from the northern, southern and western directions. This is the first time that NATO member countries have taken such actions against Russia, which raises very serious concerns about the preparation of the Alliance for a direct conflict with Russia.

According to information available to the news agency, since the beginning of this day, NATO fighters have staged provocations along the Russian borders over the Black Sea, as well as over the Norwegian and Barents Seas. It is known that all NATO combat aircraft carried weapons, and, as for the incident over the Black Sea, two French Mirage 2000 fighters appear here for the second time in a day.

It is known that in all episodes of the Russian Aerospace Forces, they were forced to raise their combat aircraft into the sky, while there was no violation of the borders of the Russian Federation.

What exactly is the reason for such NATO air raids on Russian borders is still unknown, however, experts believe that the actions of the North Atlantic Alliance were carefully planned, and therefore, in the coming days or hours, Russia will give its symmetrical response.

In the memoirs of people of the 40s, provocations on our border that became more frequent at that time, on the eve of the war, were mentioned. People be vigilant! The enemies cannot calm down in any way.

Are you asking about the results of Russia's "aggression"? They are as follows: half of Europe and part of Asia received their statehood from the hands of this particular state.
Let us remember who it:
- Finland in 1802 and 1918. (Until 1802, I never had my own state).
- Latvia 1918 (till 1918 city never had their own state).
- In Estonia, the 1918 (up to 1918 city never had their own state).
- Lithuania restored statehood in 1918, also thanks to Russia.
- Poland restored the state with the help of Russia twice, in 1918 and 1944. The division of Poland between the USSR and Germany is only a short period!
- Romania was born as a result of the Russian-Turkish wars, and became sovereign at the behest of Russia in 1877-1878.
- Moldova as a state was born in the USSR.
- Bulgaria is liberated from the oppression of the Ottoman Empire and regained its independence as a result of the victory of Russian weapons in the Russian-Turkish war 1877-1878, which had its purpose. As a gratitude, the state of Bulgaria participated in two world wars as part of anti-Russian coalitions. Now Bulgaria is a member of NATO, and on its territory there are US bases. After 1945 year on its territory there was not a single Russian soldier ...
-Serbia as a sovereign state was also born as a result of this war.
- Azerbaijan as the state took shape for the first time only in the USSR.
- Armenia remained physically and reborn as a state only in the USSR.
- Georgia survived physically and was reborn as a state thanks to the Russian Empire
- Turkmenistan never had statehood and formed it only in the USSR.
- Kyrgyzstan has never had its statehood and formed only a part of the USSR.
- Kazakhstan never had statehood and formed it only in the USSR.
- Mongolia has never had a state and formed it only with the help of the Soviet Union.
- Belarus and Ukraine also for the first time gained statehood as a consequence of the Great October Revolution in the USSR republics. And only in 1991 year (also from Russia) have received their full independence.

It is also worth considering the role of Russia and the USSR in the birth and establishment of such states as the PRC, Vietnam, the DPRK, India, Greece (repulsed by the Turks by Russia in the distant 1821 year), Algeria, Cuba, Israel, Angola, Mozambique, etc. .
Such a strange "aggression" has historically manifested itself on the part of the Russians!
With the significant contribution of this country, even Switzerland has achieved independence from France. To be more precise, this was done thanks to Suvorov (217 years ago) and since then Switzerland has never (!) Fought;
Also took place:
- Liberation of Austria from the Third Reich 1945 g;
- The liberation of Czechoslovakia from the Third Reich 1945;
- The position of Catherine II in 1780 with the creation of the League of Armed Neutrality and the actual support of the North American United States in the struggle for their independence from Britain.
- Twice in the last 2 centuries, Russia granted independence to most European states after the destruction of Hitler and Napoleon;
- Stalin's position in negotiations with the United States and Britain gave Germany the opportunity to preserve statehood after the defeat in 1945;
- The position of Gorbachev allowed without undue problems in 1990 to reconnect both Germany;

- The USSR helped Egypt, after which he was able to withstand and consolidate his independence in the war with Israel, Britain and France in 1956-57
- Intervention of the USSR in 1967, stopping the war between Israel and Egypt (actually saved the Arabs from the defeat in two wars in 1967-74 years).
- The decisive role of the Union ensured the conquest of Angola by its independence in 1975.

And finally, the main thing. It was the USSR after the victory in the Second World War that played a key role in ensuring that most of the colonies of Western Europe gained their independence in the process of worldwide decolonization launched by the Union.

The whole history of Russia suggests that it was consistent with any power and system in upholding the principles of independence and self-determination of nations and peoples. It is she who helped in every possible way to create a multipolar world in any epoch and at all times.

Unfortunately, very often at the same time, she sacrificed her own interests, and if the policy of Mother Russia was at least equal to that of the British, now half the world would be part of the Russian Imperial Commonwealth of Nations, and the Russian people would bathe in luxury like Sheikh of Saudi Arabia, at the expense of the states, countries and their capitals freed from other colonizers.

THAT'S WHY HALF OF THE WORLD IS OBLIGED TO RUSSIA FOR THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE. And that's why all of you are so guilty before this great country!

At each of their teachings, bring our Strategic Missile Forces to an increased b / g and sentenced that this does not threaten them.

If they seriously work out takik strikes and spend a lot of money on it, then a couple of Russia from 300 and 400 do not believe in Stoltenberg's rate for a long time

Russia will give an asymmetrical answer, and this will be adequate.

They have a different sky in France. It’s necessary to spend so much kerosene to refuel near the Crimea. Probably to fly back.

Fighters "do not know how" to deliver serious strikes on enemy territory. They do not have such opportunities for this. Load capacity too low. So, if there was a massive appearance of such aircraft, it was clearly for other purposes. Most often for opening the radar work places.

impunity breeds permissiveness.

They also have to practice parachuting in the northern and southern latitudes.