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Because of the Russian EW "Krasukha" and "Samarkand" complexes, the USA was left without GPS

The American GPS system was partially disabled.

According to the information provided by the Sina edition, the GPS global positioning system used by the US military is working with serious interruptions. This is primarily due to the most powerful impact of Russian electronic warfare systems and suppression, in particular, we are talking about the same systems "Krasukha", "Samarkand", "Moscow", "Resident", "Leer", etc.

"Due to the fact that the GPS system was not protected from interference, spurious signals and problems on satellites, the United States may have to completely abandon it, because in fact it only weakens their Armed Forces", - the newspaper reports.

Moreover, as experts note, the US military faced a serious problem when conducting its military operations and missions, because in the same Syria because of the EW systems deployed, the strikes of American aircraft and unmanned aircrafts are actually ineffective, however, according to the Western media, during a military exercise in Norway, a Norwegian warship collided with a civilian naval vessel and sank precisely because of the disruption of GPS.

Earlier in Israel said that the effectiveness of strikes on the territory of Syria is seriously hampered by the impact of the Russian EW systems, which actually disable GPS in vast areas.

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In space, the electromagnetic pulse "does not work." For it (for an electromagnetic pulse) we need electrons, which must be released from the atoms that make up the molecules of the air gases. There is no air in Cosmos, therefore there is no place for electrons for an electromagnetic impulse to come from.
This is the theory of "physics of the process," as my physics teacher used to say * dtsat ago.

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It is even strange that the Americans still rely on GPS, in the case of a global ... first of all, military satellites, communications, including GPS / Glonass and other positioning systems will be removed from orbit. Today, at least six countries have missiles capable of shooting down satellites in their arsenal ... Well, the very first electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear explosion will disrupt electronics on a fairly large area ... And there is another factor: after the destruction of the first objects in orbit, the number will increase dramatically space debris that will quickly finish off the remnants of surviving vehicles ...