The fog at the airport


Because of the fog, at the airport Vnukovo delayed flights

In the capital's airport "Vnukovo»Due to fog, flights were not accepted.

According to the news agency, morning fog delayed the arrival at Moscow's Vnukovo airport for at least two Russian carriers, including “UTair"And" Victory ". To date, the situation in the capital's airport has normalized, and according to preliminary information, the air service of domestic and foreign air carriers with this air hub has been fully restored.

Experts note that in summer and autumn, it fogs in 85% of cases lead to the delay of flights, thereby causing outrage from passengers and carriers at the same time, often we are talking about a delay of several hundred flights per year, which of course requires the creation of developments in the area to fight the fog, cause usually a difference of day and night temperatures in the air with the appearance of fine condensate.