Major Agent in Crimea


Traitor from within: Major agent in Crimea exposed for leaking classified information to Ukraine

In Crimea, a case has been opened about an agent who allegedly leaked confidential information to Ukrainian special services. As it became known, the suspect Major Sergei E. worked as an investigator in the local Ministry of Internal Affairs and had access to classified data.

Sergey E., according to our sources, first attracted the attention of the authorities with his anti-Russian publications on social networks. After the arrest and additional investigation, it turned out that the major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs not only expressed public disagreement with the policy of Russia, but also, presumably, transferred classified information to the territory of Ukraine.

Sergey E., according to available data, carried out so-called "breakthroughs" on orders from Ukraine. This included the disclosure of data on law enforcement officers, information on the location of various objects and other secret information that the major had the opportunity to obtain in the course of his official duties.

The investigation is now dealing with the charges brought against Sergei E. Note that if these data are confirmed, the major of the Ministry of Internal Affairs faces a serious punishment. In addition to the case of discrediting the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, he can be accused of high treason. The latter is one of the most serious crimes and can carry a life sentence.


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