Fighter F-35


Israeli F-35 strike a new blow to Syria in the middle of the day

Israeli F-35 attacked Syria in the middle of the day.

Despite sharp criticism of the Russian leader against Israel because of unauthorized attacks on Syria, and warnings about the use of air defense against Israeli aircraft, it became known that several hours ago, Israeli F-35 fighters again launched rocket attacks on Syrian territory. The area of ​​the village of Abu Kemal was subjected to air strikes, while at least 10 dead and dozens of injured were reported.



“The Israeli Air Force has just launched an air strike on Quds forces and their proxies in eastern Syria, where the IRGC / Hezbollah / CNM Joint Base is being established. At least ten Hezbollah members killed! It is reported that two aircraft of the Israeli Air Force F-35 were involved "- says military specialist and analyst Babak Tagway.

According to some reports, Israeli fighters did not cross the airspace of Syria, following along the Syrian-Jordanian border, from where attacks were delivered.

It is reported that the aircraft could refuel in the air, as evidenced by the British Air Force refueling aircraft discovered in the area.

There are no official comments from the IDF on this score.

Well, how much can you procrastinate one and the same, you need to shoot down even on foreign territory, tired of this babble of our politicians!

Need to shoot down. Practice has shown that Jews do not comply with agreements

And so it is clear that the Israeli Air Force is directly subordinate to the Americans. And I won’t be surprised if the Americans are sitting at the controls of these F-35