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China does not want to join the DSND 2.0

The US Department of State is confident that China will not join the 2.0 DRSM

Late last year, Donald Trump spoke out about the possibility of concluding a trilateral agreement between the United States, Russia and China to ban intermediate and shorter-range missiles. Such a proposal by the Chinese Foreign Ministry was called "an absolute mistake", but in February of this year, Trump again spoke in favor of involving China and other countries in the INF Treaty. At the same time, the president threatened that otherwise the United States "Will significantly surpass and outstrip all others in the production of weapons of this class".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, showing interest in this problem, announced that she hopes that Chinese leaders will be interested in the new INF.

As for the treaty itself, it was adopted during the Cold War. It was signed in 1987 year. At this time, the United States did not take China with the same seriousness as it is now. Therefore, no one even thought about attracting it to such a treaty.

Now, as follows from official statements, neither the United States nor Russia has a single intermediate or shorter-range missile. Moreover, China has hundreds of such missiles. If the information provided by the Pentagon is correct, the People's Liberation Army of China has approximately 300 medium-range ballistic missiles as well as 300 shorter-range missiles. China also has nearly XNUMX ground-based cruise missiles with a range of over XNUMX kilometers.

When joining the new INF Treaty, China should have destroyed all this. Beijing will not do this. As the US Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control, Andrea Thompson, put it, the leaders of China "have no appetite" for any treaties intended for arms control.

The Pentagon estimates that approximately 90 percent of all Chinese cruise and ballistic missiles fall into the categories of medium and short range. At the same time, Beijing considers land-based non-nuclear missiles as one of "Pillars of the strategy of warfare"... Of course, in such a situation, there is no need to talk about China's joining the INF Treaty 2.0.

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