Kurdish attack


Kurds threw Russian military "Molotov cocktails"

Syrian Kurds almost burned a convoy with Russian troops.

A few hours ago, Syrian Kurds carried out a massive attack on a convoy of Russian and Turkish military, this time using not only stones and other heavy objects, but also Molotov cocktails, as a result of which several Russian vehicles were engulfed in fire.

On the presented video frames you can see how the Kurds massively bombard Russian vehicles with Molotov cocktails. Fortunately, none of the Russian servicemen was injured, however, no official comments regarding possible material damage were submitted by the command of the Russian military group in Syria.

It should be clarified that the Kurds began to attack the convoys with the Russian and Turkish military more often, while experts express serious fears that the Kurdish armed groups may also take much more radical and even openly terrorist measures.

It should be noted that the Kurds attacked the Turkish military, as a result of which the latter had to use tear gas.

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