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Loukoster "Victory" increases the cost of air tickets by 40%

Flights on the Victory low-cost airline are becoming overly expensive.

According to information available to the editors of the news agency, the domestic Pobeda low-cost airline decided to increase the price of flights from foreign airports to Russia by 25 euros, which in turn will lead to a sharp increase in the price of tickets.

The reason for the increase in airfare was a very unusual move by the domestic air carrier. So, according to a number of data, the increase in the cost of air tickets is connected with the decision of the Moscow City Court, which, at the request of the transport prosecutor’s office, forbade the low-cost airline to charge passengers for registration at foreign airports, and now the indicated amount will simply be included in the price of air tickets.

Experts believe that this could seriously affect the popularity of the Russian low-cost airline, especially on routes where airlines from other countries operate. However, analysts have not yet made any specific conclusions.

My wife ordered an American flight for the VICTORY of Moscow-Palermo company and back, paying for seats on the plane. It flew in normally, but for some reason they returned 12 dollars to my wife, and back with my sister with a scan they took 25 dollars for the place, although they booked a ticket for 4 months before departure .PS HORROR WHAT THE RUSSIAN AIRLINES DO DO IT SHAME AND HORROR WHAT THE victory is going on in the COMPANY. And it still raises prices by 40 percent