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Georgian Foreign Ministry began threatening Russia with hostilities

The head of the foreign ministry threatened Russia with military operations.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia issued a special statement in which it actually threatened Russia with military operations for ongoing provocations, as well as the wounding and detention of a Georgian citizen in the country. In a statement by the foreign ministry, the actions of Russia were called "occupying," and, apparently, direct hints of a possible military conflict were addressed to Russia.

"The Georgian Foreign Ministry issued a special statement in which it categorically condemned the wounding and detention of a Georgian citizen by the" Russian occupying forces "and regarded these actions by Russia as" another dangerous provocation aimed at exacerbating and destabilizing the situation. The Georgian Foreign Ministry reminds Russia that the opening of fire "on the peaceful local population" is a gross violation of the ceasefire agreement signed on August 12, 2008 with the mediation of the European Union. "Such a provocation by the Russian occupying forces, which are illegally deployed in the middle of Georgia and flagrantly violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of the local population, once again confirms the need to create international security mechanisms in the occupied regions," the statement says, - the Russian edition of Regnum cites information.

Such statements against Russia are completely unacceptable, especially against the backdrop of the latest conflict between the two countries, when the Georgian military actually attacked the territory of Russia in 2008. Moreover, experts do not exclude that Georgia itself could provoke, trying to win over the North Atlantic Alliance and the United States in order to create tension near the Russian borders.

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