MiG-29 crashed in Krasnodar Territory

Fighter crashed in Krasnodar Territory MiG-29.

An air crash involving a military aircraft occurred at 14 hours 37 minutes Moscow time, while the pilot of the aircraft managed to catapult, and he was not injured. According to available Avia.pro data, the wreck of a military fighter took place in the immediate vicinity of the airfield Kushchevskaya, which in the Krasnodar Territory, however, did without destruction on the ground.

At the moment, investigators working at the site of the MiG-29 warplane wreck are considering two main versions of what happened - the failure of the aircraft control system and the entry of a bird into the engine.

According to the data promulgated by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the aircraft entered the ground at high speed almost vertically, while the explosion, ignition and fuel spill did not occur.