Shtumovik Superrach


The Russian Ministry of Defense published a video of strikes by attack aircraft "Supergrach" Su-25SM3 of the Russian Air Force

The modernized Russian attack aircraft Su-25SM3 Supergrach turned out to be really super.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has published a unique video of firing from the cockpit of a modernized domestic attack aircraft Su-25SM3 Supergrach. Thanks to the work done by Russian aircraft designers, the capabilities of the Russian attack aircraft have grown very seriously, which is demonstrated by the video on which Supergrach successfully hits all targets.

Having various types of weapons, the capabilities of a Russian attack aircraft can effectively defeat the forces of an even superior enemy, and the approach for attack is more like working on board a spaceship, with which the Russian Su-25SM3 was compared by numerous spectators.

The Russian Supergrach also delighted foreign Internet users, which is likely to be due to the fact that Russia is perhaps the only country in the world that is successfully developing the capabilities of attack aircraft.

It should be noted that the published video frames from the cockpit of the Russian Su-25CM3 are exclusive - it was impossible to study the capabilities of the Russian combat aircraft earlier, however, it is obvious that the Supergrach exceeded all expectations.

He's really Super! It fires rockets and they immediately appear again in place! :-)