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The power of one Russian Sarmat missile is enough to destroy Texas, Ukraine or three Great Britain

The destructive capabilities of the Russian heavy ICBM "Sarmat" have been revealed.

After information appeared that the Russian military will conduct at least three tests of the newest heavy intercontinental ballistic missile "Sarmat" only this year, some destructive capabilities of this unique weapon were revealed. According to the information provided, the power of just one Russian missile will be enough to completely destroy the American state of Texas, Ukraine or three Great Britain.

“Moscow boasts that the new weapon is capable of eluding the protective shield of the United States and is capable of destroying territory the size of England and Wales or Texas. This comes amid the highest tensions since the Cold War between Moscow and the West over Ukraine, alleged election interference and cyber attacks. Next year, "Sarmat" will begin state tests, and then go into service at the end of 2022 ", - according to the newspaper "Daily Mail".

Experts note that today no country in the world has weapons capable of intercepting the Sarmat missile, however, even if such weapons existed, it would be better not to do so.

“The detonation of nuclear warheads at an altitude of several tens of kilometers will lead to the destruction of an even larger area. It is quite obvious that Russia has foreseen the possibility of the appearance of weapons capable of intercepting the warheads of this missile, but in this case the enemy will receive even greater damage. ", - the analyst notes.


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