Air defense of Ukraine


Ukraine has created a unique air defense system, but it does not fire yet

In Ukraine, the development of a new medium-range air defense system has begun.

Ukraine showed a new air defense system, almost announcing its adoption by the country, however, as it turned out, the new model air defense system still does not fire, and its creation is limited only to the creation of a model - according to a number of data, the developers do not yet have a design documentation, which indicates that it will not be able to appear in service with Ukraine earlier than in 3-5 years.

In fact, we are only talking about the development of a design and a conceptual model, however, to implement the plan, billions of dollars may be required, not to mention the fact that the air defense system of the new model should be of interest to foreign buyers, since otherwise the production of these weapons will be ineffective.

As follows from the information provided by the Ukrainian side, we are talking about a medium-range air defense system with a maximum target engagement distance of "over 100 kilometers." Judging by the presented design, the mock-up is an example of a deep modernization of the Soviet and Russian S-300 "Favorit" complexes, however, it is estimated that the weapons can be created according to NATO standards.

Exactly what capabilities the new air defense system will have is unknown.



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