Snake Island


Strange military activity spotted on Ukrainian island in the Black Sea

Strange military activity has been spotted on Snake Island, with unknown ships nearby.

A few hours ago, strange military activity was noticed on the Ukrainian island of Serpents, in the western part of the Black Sea. In addition to moving military vehicles around the island (presumably, we are talking about the Buk complexes - ed. note), a huge offshore platform with a crane was noticed off its coast, which will probably be used to lift certain objects from the water, and in the immediate vicinity small warships were seen from it.

This satellite image shows a photograph of the island and nearby waters. Despite the fact that the infrastructure of Snake Island was practically wiped out by air strikes, two unidentified pieces of military equipment were seen on it, which caused a lot of questions. In addition, an offshore platform with a crane was seen from the northern side of the island, the purpose of which still raises a number of questions. In addition, activity of warships of an unidentified type was noted in nearby waters.

What exactly is the reason for such a high activity of the military in the region is still unknown, since both the Ukrainian and Russian sides declared the absence of any strategic component near the island, even within the region.

At the moment, there are no official statements on this score.