A batch of American long-range RGM-84G missiles with a range of up to 280 kilometers arrived in Ukraine

The Harpoon anti-ship missiles promised by the US have arrived in Ukraine.

A number of sources report that the American Harpoon anti-ship cruise missiles arrived on the territory of Ukraine along with the M-142 Himars heavy multiple launch rocket systems previously transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This, according to some reports, is about the transfer of RGM-84G missiles to Ukraine, this is the most long-range cruise missile of the Harpoon complex with a target engagement range of up to 280 kilometers.

At the moment, there is no reliable confirmation of information that Ukraine actually received the American Harpoon cruise missiles, however, it is noteworthy that the missiles could have been delivered to Polish Rzeszow along with the American Himars MLRS. At the same time, Ukraine already has Harpoon cruise anti-ship missiles in the RGM-84F variant delivered from Denmark. This does not exclude the possibility that some of the missiles will simply be installed on the ground launchers already available to the Ukrainian Navy.

American missiles are of particular danger, compared to those delivered from Denmark, for the reason that missiles delivered from Denmark have a target range of up to 140 kilometers, while missiles delivered from the United States have a range of twice as large and capable of posing a danger to ships of any type.