Tu-141 of unknown origin shot down over Ukraine

A reconnaissance Tu-141 of unknown origin was destroyed over Ukraine.

Residents of Ukraine report that they found the wreckage of a reconnaissance Tu-141, which, in all likelihood, was shot down by anti-aircraft defenses. This is evidenced by the wreckage of the detected drone, in particular, we are talking about the tail cone.

In the presented photo, you can see that local residents are transporting part of the Tu-141 unmanned reconnaissance drone in an unknown direction. The fact that we are talking about a reconnaissance drone, which began to be mass-produced back in the late 70s of the last century, is evidenced by the special design of the tail fairing.

It is reported that the drone received serious damage, however, there are no identification marks on its fuselage, which makes it impossible to identify its belonging.

Sources report that the downed drone was found on the territory of the Vinnitsa region, however, at the moment, the true circumstances of its defeat remain unknown.

Previously and to date, Tu-141 drones have been used both as target drones and as reconnaissance vehicles.


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