Unknown people trying to destroy the Syrian S-300 by setting fires in Syria?

A fire set up in the deployment area of ​​the Syrian S-300 was the result of a drone strike.

A powerful fire that began about a day ago in the area of ​​the Syrian city of Masyaf, at a short distance from which the area of ​​the Syrian S-300 air defense systems is deployed, was the result of a blow from a small drone. According to a number of assumptions, the attack could have been arranged by Turkish mercenaries in response to the bombing of the Russian Aerospace Forces on their positions.

According to experts, in addition to the fact that a large-scale fire broke out at night, it began suspiciously close to the area where the Syrian S-300s are located. Nearby, there are virtually no sources that could cause such a large fire, which even more indicates the fact that it was caused artificially.

“The fire could have occurred as a result of the impact of a small drone, such as a quadcopter. In fact, it is enough to drop only a small amount of ammunition to start a powerful fire in a dry area. Who is interested in this? Obviously, this should include Turkey and Israel. Moreover, the likelihood that Israeli forces may be behind this is quite small, although against the background of the emergence of information that the Syrian military was allowed to use their S-300 air defense systems against Israeli aircraft, the IDF is also interested in "reinsurance", - the expert marks.

What is the threat of a fire approaching the location of the S-300 air defense system at the moment is unknown, however, it has not yet been possible to localize the spread of fire.


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