No Fly Zone: Russian superweapons have already destroyed 9 Turkish drones in just 48 hours

Russia began to shoot down Turkish drones trying to attack the positions of the military from Armenia.

After Azerbaijan deployed the Turkish Bayraktar TB-2 attack unmanned aerial vehicles to strike at the territory of NKR and Armenia, Russia unexpectedly launched its unique weapons, which were impossible to detect, and in less than 48 hours it destroyed 9 Bayraktar attack drones TB-2 worth about $ 8-10 million.

According to sources, after Turkey's provocative actions with the flights of Bayraktar TB-2 attack drones near the Russian military base in Gyumri, Russia was forced to resort to the deployment of the Krasukha-4 complexes on permanent alert, which were involved in the genocide of Turkish drones. forcing the latter to fall directly onto the territory of NKR and Armenia.

The use of powerful electronic warfare systems against Turkish drones is evidenced by photographs with Bayraktar TB-2 drones, which were "shot down", but at the same time on the fuselage of which there are no traces that suggest that the drones were hit by air defense systems.

Experts believe that if it was the Russian "Krasukha" that acted, then both Azerbaijan and Turkey will temporarily stop waging the "unmanned war", since the losses of these aircraft could be extremely large, especially after significant losses of Turkish drones in Syria, and then in Libya. ...

Do you believe it yourself?

Why does one buyraktar cost less than a million bucks?

Magara, where is this? In Turkey?