A huge column of Russian military equipment moved towards the border of Crimea and Ukraine

Russian military equipment moved towards the border of Crimea and Ukraine.

In Crimea, giant columns of Russian military equipment have been seen moving towards the Ukrainian border. The purpose of sending armored vehicles in this direction remains unknown, however, against the background of the aggravation of the situation in Donbass and the West's accusations that Russia is allegedly preparing an invasion, these facts raise many questions.

The video footage shows a huge column of Russian military equipment moving towards the Ukrainian border. Judging by the numbers of armored combat vehicles, we are talking about the 126th separate coastal defense brigade of the RF Armed Forces, but there are still no official comments on this from the Russian defense department.

It is known that Russian military equipment was seen moving along the Sevastopol-Dzhankoy section of the highway towards the border with Ukraine. At the same time, experts do not exclude that we can talk about preparation for military exercises. This is especially true against the background of the pulling together of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass and the regions bordering on Russia with an army of 125 thousand people.

Experts note that statements about Russia's intentions to attack Ukraine are completely untrue.

“It’s probably very foolish to say that Russian troops will launch a frontal attack on the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass with an almost equal balance of forces. In this case, the losses will be enormous for each of the parties. The West is only trying to aggravate the situation in the region in order to present Russia in the role of the aggressor ", - said the expert.

Entire echelons of troops are transported in the direction of Belarus.

Yes, two dozen armored personnel carriers and Uralov will capture everyone. An incredibly huge column.

No one is going to attack Ukraine, this is nonsense against the backdrop of the coronavirus.

We have already said more than once, the troops went out to conduct exercises and exercises at the YUVO training grounds! Should they use carts?

proud of our invincible army.

the exercises began yesterday ... And so the enemy is in the western direction - on the territory of Urkaina and the waters of the Black Sea. Therefore, you always need to be ready for defense!

You can take pictures somewhere and write that there is a war. You can remove the teachings once and then comment on how you want and how much you want.
The dog barks, the paravoz goes.

Well, all the same infantry battalion in all videos.
They are going somewhere, so they need it.
Do you think they will now seize Nenka Ukraine with this battalion?

No need for scouts and spies, they themselves will hand over everything. They pump little from the west, so their own follows each movement and spread their arguments. That is why we feed the army, so that it could protect. and where they move, they know better.

Moved out? How dare they? For Russia, some group of senile pensioners from the US Congress banned the movement of its troops and generally defend and defend Donbass, and if anything, they even promised to write a piece of paper, the sanctions are called

Guest - are you a veteran of what war? ))
tanks are knocked out by air forces.
armored personnel carriers - walking through the already cleared area ..


It's just that the end of the year is nearing. Therefore, the equipment was taken out of the garage in order to use up the remnants of the fuel and lubricants limit.

Are you out of your mind? ... Armored personnel carriers against, are you going to insert Ukrainian tanks?

I am glad that Russia reliably protects Crimea. Glory to the Great, United And Indivisible Russia !!!

What are the epithets? Giant, huge! And this is about the convoys of 31 armored personnel carriers and 17 trucks in one video and 15 armored personnel carriers on the other? Laughter makes it clear. So you have not seen really large columns when the military is simply moving forward for regular exercises.