The launch of missiles


Published a video of a simultaneous volley of 240 missiles near Russian borders

There was a video of a simultaneous volley of 240 missiles near the Russian borders.

A unique video appeared on the Web, which captured a powerful 122-mm salvo. missiles produced by Finnish missile formations in close proximity to Russian borders. In just a minute, the missile systems fired 240 missiles, which in turn turned the test site into a field dotted with hundreds of craters.

In the video footage presented, you can see the moment of preparation and the missile strike itself as part of the military exercises conducted by Finland with the use of multiple launch rocket systems. The power of the blow can be assessed by demonstrating the consequences of destroying the forces of a mock enemy, however, a lot of questions are raised by the fact of such large-scale shooting near the Russian borders.

It should be noted that Finland is far from the only country that conducts exercises with massive missile strikes. as a result, at least 21 missiles were fired, which was no less spectacular, and also demonstrated the effectiveness and prospects of using this weapon.

What technologies did they use our Grads for this show. BM21 grad, they do not have their own.

By the way "about the gingerbread": You shouldn't have kicked that our budget goes only to the army. Go to the site "national projects of Russia" and you will be happy to know that there are very pleasant projects for children and for science and for other people! So it is not necessary to kick at the fact that there is no money, and if there is, then they only go for militarization! And what goes to the army is better to feed your army than the army of the occupier of our Motherland!

The footage from YouTube (the top two videos) is the exercise on November 13-24, 2017 NORTHER17 :-)

Valentin Ivanovich, with all due respect, of course you are right, but if we only think about what you said, then in general we can forget about the defense of our country. Well, you can't whine all the time about one and the same thing. Yes, there is not enough money, but they steal, but they do not help children, this is our power, which you yourself chose. And it is not necessary to calculate the military budget, otherwise our army will remain as under Serdyukov. Then behind the howl.

As I understand it, they released everything that was ... now the Finns are safe)))

Finland is so strong, it doesn't need to join NATO

Why are you warming yourself? Finca vodka was flying in the rockets. Warm from neighbors as a sign of respect :)

Ugh, they scared the goat with cabbage, we alone have millions of rockets flying into the sky for the New Year.

And in response, there is one YARS and there is no Finland, and if it's no joke, back in 1943, someone already wetted the pants from our Katyushas. Question Finam, have you just gotten to these technologies?

Nature is beautiful. It is a pity that they do not spare her.

The Finns decided to get rid of the old missiles - it's good that they managed ... :)

They also want to write off the old stuff, you have to somehow write off the old ammunition ... I think this is normal

Well, don't howl about the budget. All OK.

Listen, you write about so many cancers released at the same time and imagine how much budget money is thrown into the empty while our old people, retirees and young children suffer from underfunding and their standard of living is almost the same as it was immediately after the war. It is necessary for a young man to wiggle his brains and not to arrange fireworks for the sake of fun and bragging about coolness. First of all, you need to think about the welfare of ordinary people and then let our defenders play war, who, with the arrival of the new Minister of Defense, change all their uniforms, for the old stocks they have made are lost in warehouses.

Well, nothing new. We also shot 270 pieces in one gulp near Finland. If they want to show sho they are cool, then let them divide this number of missiles into the area of ​​Finland and the Russian Federation. And it would be better for them not to wake the sleeping bear ...

It's like Finland has a rich selection of landfills that can be plowed with rockets. It's like having a kitchen wedding. It seems like a solemn moment, but something is not right.

Is it okay that this is a Finnish video - four years ago? You would also talk about the Teutonic Wars.

They shot all the ammunition of the entire Finnish army at once. Russia, apparently, should have been scared? I am sure that they still laugh there.

Finland is 500 km across, in what close proximity?

one salvo of the MLRS division of the 1944-1944 model The Soviet Army ... In the event of an offensive and a breakthrough of the front, such divisions need at least 10-12 of them in one sector of the front .. Covertly bringing them to the front line, establishing targets for shelling is already a serious soldier's science ...

they have a big budget, and ours are starting from your pocket and building cottages near Gelendzhik if anything. mk from natural resources have nothing.

Finnish exercises: shoot and surrender

Where are the missiles?

And all

Russia just needs to conduct exercises on the border with Finland with the destruction of 6 dummy installations with six Krasnopol shells. And that's all.

6 Grad installations were released under the full pact. So what? What is the delight? One battery fired, and screeched like a jet regiment was firing.

Handsomely! When to start being afraid?

And now you can ask the respected Finns once again to conduct the same exercises at the same distance, but now from the Swedish and Norwegian borders ???

and this ended the military budget of the Finns !!!