The attack on the Russian military


Published video from the site of the attack on the Russian military in Syria

There was a video from the site of the attack on the Russian military in Syria.

At the disposal of the resource was a video, which, according to data published in Twitter, presented footage from the site of the attack on the Russian military in Syria. The incident occurred near the city of Mayadin, while according to Telegram channel Military Observer, the incident itself was recorded by the Orlan-10 drone, and the Syrian military was sent to the site of the attack, which obviously made these unique shots .

On the presented video you can see that the incident occurred in a desert area, while you can also see the UAZ car, which was moved by a group of four Russian soldiers, including the missing Major Karimov.

Considering the presented video frames, the experts note that the first objective evidence of the fact that Russian officers were really attacked is at issue, however, attention is also paid to the fact that there are no dead bodies on the video frames, which raises a lot of questions.

It should be clarified that the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation still does not confirm the information that a group of Russian officers were indeed attacked.

And I still do not understand ... Why, during a battle, pull the battery out of the car, and even drag it so far?

It is doubtful that the military police in Syria ride such a car. Secondly, mercenaries from the BV will not run into such a car. They are well aware of WHAT will be the answer. And it will be, if all this is not a fake. But the photo is clearly left.

that there is not so doubtful uazik some kind of antediluvian headlights one no

where did we get that on this drundelete we rode

Where did the bodies go? Why were they removed, were they ashamed? Actually, they should have "boasted".
Here we are what heroes.

You can see a few places on the video where the blood is and where they finished lying down, carefully look at 1.38 sec., Lobovyk is all crooked in holes against the driver and the passenger and the rear ones too, apparently at once, there are hardly any survivors.

If the bodies were dragged away, this does not mean that they were not there. The sand was not enough in the blood, that people were shot like sheep and one was taken away. Mo can not recognize it their conscience.

Well, as if ours right now are not the ones that before, they will not go to the lair of militants in Uazikakh. Not those times. Not the right place.

Yes, we have both "Tigers" and "Shots", and the APCs are excellent, it's just that these for some reason flooded on the UAZ, where they didn't need to!

And where is the praise of armored cars?

Many questions and zero answers. Video can be submitted in any way. Whose car? Why tel not? No elements belonging to any side.

Where it can be seen that they are Russian, and the Syrians have enough of these machines and the inscription on the doors is not in Russian!

I believe that these devils who attacked the Russian peacekeepers are already DESTROYED!

Yeptr, a tin can in the war, the Americans had Hummers, armored ... our vaunted technology ... and high-ranking officers went on safari.

It was strange how the colonels could forget that there was a war going on and for what purpose they broke away from the SECURITY (escorts columns).

On 1.37-1.38, a clearly Russian phrase is heard that characterizes the form of a tactical retreat in battle.



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