Rocket hit the plane


Published photos of the consequences of an F-16 missile hitting a Su-25 attack aircraft

The first photos of the missile hitting the Su-25 attack aircraft appeared.

At the disposal of the information resource, the first photographs of the consequences of an air-to-air missile launched by the Turkish F-25 fighter into the Su-16 attack aircraft appeared. The combat aircraft was literally torn to pieces, leaving no chance for the latter, and the scattering of debris over a large area indicates that the incident did not occur due to the collision of the aircraft with the mountain, as Baku presents it.

In the frames presented, you can see that the wreckage of the downed Su-25 attack aircraft is scattered over a very large area, which can only be the consequences of a missile hitting the plane. Despite the fact that Turkey completely denies its involvement in this, according to the Armenian Ministry of Defense, it was the Turkish F-16 that attacked the attack aircraft.

Despite the statements from Yerevan, at the moment it remains unknown why Armenia does not attack aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles in the airspace of the country and why the Buk and C complexes did not work out in response to the F-16 attack on it. -300, since taking into account the Turkish F-16 air-to-air missiles in service, the maximum range between the two aircraft should not have exceeded 50 kilometers.

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